The smoking itself is old as the mankind itself. The philosophy of Loupolus Pipes is, to optimize
the oldest kind of smoking. The pipesmoking. With the new Titan Series, Loupolus Pipes developed
the newest and technologically most modern Medwakh in the world.

It starts with the Material. The material is Titanium. A very light and hard material which is usually used
in medical technology and aircraft engineering. No other Pipemanufacturer has used this material to build
a complete smokingpipe of it. But also the complete structure of the Medwakh has changed.
There is no thread used which comes dirty or which is harder (or easier) to open with the time.
The connection between the parts is made by an ISO-Fitting in combination with a special Viton-Seal.
Also the complete structure from inside is designed to make let the active carbon filter work much more effective.

The customers at the last exhebition in september 2018 were imagined how big the difference between these Medwakh
and regular Medwakh is. And they were positive suprised. They told us that the difference is about 80%.
It means 80% better in coolness of the smoke, in taste and in the way of pulling.

The complete Titan Series is limited to only 60 pieces in 9 different color combinations. Each Medwakh is engraved with
an own serial number which is also written in the extra certificate of authenticity.

Each Medwakh will come with a modern selling box and a handmade „Softshell“ Pipebag.
This Pipebag includes 2 zippers with 2 bags. One of the pockets is designed for the pipe. The other one for the equipment.
The construction of these two separate bags was designed to avoid a collision between the Medwakh and the equipment.

Details and Advantages:
– unique and very strong Material
– very limited (listed with serial numbers)
– modern design
– newest technology (better and coller smoke)
– completely made in Germany
– incl. an unique and elegant Pipebag
– incl. a selling case
– incl. a package of 40 premium filters