"Quality is no coincidence.
Instead, it is the result of strived thinking
and professional acting."

My pipes are a combination of traditional Arabian design and modern style.

The use of several different components and different materials enable you to change the outer look of a pipe easily and quickly in only a few steps! You can have a look to the individual parts at the category “products”.

All parts of my Medwakh are produced to a very high accuracy. So it is possible to buy new parts in the future and they will fit with the older parts of your Medwakh.
All the different Medwakh, which I produce are manufactured with the same measures and with very small tolerances. The high German Quality is one of my top preferences.

The biggest difference to the traditional Medwakh is the filter system. This is hidden inside the Medwakh and you cannot see it from the outside.

Advantages summed up

• Unique Medwakh which is manufactured and arranged due to customer wishes
• Traditional craft in modern appearance
• Changeable design according to different components and materials
• Cooler smoke than from pure wood pipes due to aluminium body
• Less harmful smoke and delightful smoking experience due to active-carbon-filters
• Long change intervals of the Charcoal filter (active-carbon-filters)
• The aluminium body makes easy and thorough cleaning possible
• Long durability due to the use of first-class material and food-safe aluminium
• Original German handicraft
• the „Buzz-Effect" is more distinct with your unique Medwakh