The Loupolus Pipes „Limited Edition“ reflect highest wistlecraft art.
They are 100% constructed in the same way as the the known original Loupolus Medwakh.
The Loupolus Pipes Medwakh has been created to give the best smokingadventure.
The „Limited Editions“ are made to give a passionate Medwakhsmoker the proof.
The lower entry price will give you the possibility.
The design of this unique special series leans heavily onthe appearance
of a traditional Medwakh. However, we have achieved it with this edition to create
a completely new and modern Medwakhstyle. The Loupolus pipes „Limited Editions“
score because of the extremely high processing quality and the new-fashioned design,
without losing the elegance. As well as all Medwakh of Loupolus Pipes they are
made directly in Germany, with the same German quality standard.
Loupolus pipes works together with German specialists in the production of this“Limited Edition“.
On the market of the Arab Medwakh you will find only one kind of increase.
These Medwakh are available in the stores of „Bin Essa“ in Kuwait.