Alien / Straight / Engine Line
The basic idea of the „Elementary Line“ is to close the gap between the Loupolus Pipes
„Limited Editions“ and the old, traditional Arab Medwakh.
The filtering principle is the same you can find on other original Medwakh.
So the „Elementary Line“ Medwakh´s will fit with the known filters on the market (Denitip, BioPipe, Turbo,…).
Strictly selected, foodgenuine materials, a futuristic design, a high-quality technical
production and quality by Loupolus Pipes come together in the unique appearance
of the „Elementary Line“. And this distinguishes it from other Medwakh.
The easy cleaning and the cooler and tasteless smoke treat are only some of
the advantages of over other commercially available Medwakh.
This product line is the entry into the world of Loupolus Pipes.
Convince yourself by the quality, because:
„The joy of quality will stay longer than for a cheap price“
All variants of the elementary line are available in the following colours:
-matte black
-matte blue
-matte Red
-matte Green