If you want to order or you have a request for a custommade Medwakh, please contact me via the following contact form or via E-Mail: info@loupolus.com . I will answer as soon as possible. I hope for your understanding if the reply takes a little bit longer time. Usually these are maximum up to 5 days.

! Important !
Please ensure that your email address is correct. Feel free to give me another mailadress for sure. Every mail will be answered within a period of 5 days. Please, to make shure you don't miss my answer, check also your “Junkmailfolder” and your “Spamfolder”. If you don´t get an answer in the mentioned period, please write me a direct mail to info@loupolus.com and I will answer you with using two Emailadresses, to make shure that the message will reach you.

If you would like a Customade Medwakh according to your requirements, so please tell me as many details about the desired design and the desired materials. You can get a brief overview of a wide variety of designs and materials in the Gallery or the category Manufacturing. I am always open for own desires and suggestions. After you gave me the important informations i will come back to you with my idea about your design wishes, your individual cost estimate and the aproximately producing

Please contact me only in German or English. Other requests can´t be answered in the moment.

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