„Loupolus Pipes“ has been producing high-quality pipes to customer specifications since 2011.
„Loupolus Pipes“ customers have been predominantly royal houses of the Middle East,
well-known companies and VIP customers from all over the world.

Due to the high price, many smokers were unable to smoke a Medwakh of „Loupolus Pipes“.
Therefore, a new product line was launched. This is a modular system with which you have the possibility
to put together your personal „Loupolus Pipe“ even in a short time. So 35,000 different combinations are possible.

To the Pimp-my-Pipe configurator.

The pipe was developed for smoking Arabian tobacco called Dokha.
According to customer reports, however, they are also perfect for the enjoyment of other tobaccos.
Many customers also reported a tremendous difference to other pipes used so far.
They described smoking with a Medwakh of „Loupolus Pipes“ as terrific and not comparable!

Base material:
The exact composition and hidden advantages remain company secrecy.
specially selected for Loupolus pipes aluminum alloy
resistant to tobacco, fire and smoke
harmless – 100% food safe
without plastic and silicone

efficient filtration properties of pollutants through improved, well thought-out filter system
smooth, unadulterated and pleasantly cool smoke is achieved
Taste and effect of the flue remains
no taste of plastic or silicone
very good pulling behavior
long lifetime

Length: 180 mm
Diameter max: 14 mm
Weight: max. 30 g