”Not one pipe for everybody
but everybody his own one!”

Loupolus Pipes deals with the production of traditionally Arabian Medwakh.
These are done by hand and konventional producing steps exclusively in Germany.
Only for a few special series and the „Elementary line“ some computerized numerical
controlled producing steps can be used.
By using materials of high quality and due to individual production, highest quality can be guaranteed.
The wishes of my customers are my top priority!
Due to flexibility and the well thought-out construction of my Medwakh I am able to comply
with numerous kinds of design requests of my customers and to meet even highest demands.
You will receive, according to your individual taste, your very own – unique – Medwakh.
The prices for the Custommade Medwakh are, just as the products which i build, individual.
All the Custommade Medwakh are unique. Even if some parts are looking similar,
the most of the parts are produced by handcrafted / manual works,
because of this they are individual.
No other customer can buy exactly the same Medwakh as you.
Ordering process:
(1) Please tell me as accurately as possible your wishes regarding the design and selection of
materials. (material, form, colors, etc…) I need as many details as possible.
For more ideas you can get an overview in the gallery.
(2) In the next step i will show you my idea of your personal and unique Medwakh.
Once we find a suitable design for you, I’ll calculate your personal cost estimate.
(3) If you agree, you can pay by PayPal, Creditcard or by bank transfer.
This is the regular way for a construction contract. Following, I’ll start with the production.
Usually this takes at least 2 weeks.
If you are interested in a „Customade Medwakh“, please contact me directly.